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2017 is the year of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Large players like HTC, Sony and Oculus have conquered their spot on the market and countless corporations and startups are planning to launch their new products and services this year. But how do you bring your product under the attention of your target audience in this wave of new VR and AR products?

With many thousands of unique Dutch, Belgian and international visitors a month, VR-NEWS.nu offers you a platform to bring your product or service under the attention of your target audience. Have we piqued your interest? Please contact Advercom, Erik de Jong, phone +31 (0)23-7370790 or edejong@advercom.nl.

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Pricing for online advertisements

VR-News Virtual Reality Brillen Compilatie Leveranciers

Online banners are a powerful tool to grab you target audience’s attention and to create brand awareness. Banners on VR-NEWS.nu offer you a large range and high attentive value among virtual & augmented reality innovators and early adopters, both professionals and consumers. Besides four regular banners (1, 2, 3 en 4), we offer the possibility of a attention grabbing Page Skin banner for additional impact.

Banner types

VR-News Bannerformaat 728x90
VR-News Bannerformaat 300x600
VR-News Bannerformaat 300x250
VR-News Bannerformaat 670x90
VR-News Bannerformaat Page Skin

Page Skin

Our Page Skin banner provides you with the ultimate way to be seen by your target audience frequently and with maximum impact. As such, it is perfect for branding. It is displayed on both desktop PC’s, laptops and tablets.

Prices per month

  1. € 690,-
  2. € 350,-
  3. € 300,-
  4. € 250,-*
  1. € 600,-
  2. € 300,-
  3. € 250,-
  4. € 200,-*
  1. € 550,-
  2. € 275,-
  3. € 225,-
  4. € 175,-*
  1. € 500,-
  2. € 250,-
  3. € 200,-
  4. € 150,-*

€ 1.200

* Prices for banners that are placed in articles and posts are based on 10 placements.